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    [SEASON 17 PART 2-1] Earrings Update

    A. 5th Mastery Earrings

    1. enchanting earring

    1) Add the 5th Mastery Earring 'Earring of Deception' item

    (1) For Mastery Earrings, you can get the 'Earring Set Option' effect by wearing the left and right earrings of the same grade.

    (2) Chaos Goblin Combination NPCs can be used to enhance up to level 15 by using vacant stone items.

    Earrings of enchantment (right) Earrings of enchantment (left)
    available level900 available level850
    Attack/Magic/Low Power304 to 307 Attack/Magic/Low Power264 ~ 267
    property defense292 property defense234


    2) enchanting earring option

    (1) 1 to 3 options can be created for the Earrings of Deception.

    (2) Mastery option increases the option value according to the level of reinforcement of the earring.

    Charm Earring (Right) Option Earrings of enchantment (left) option
    Max Mana Increase + 1,000 Max Life +1,000
    Excellent Damage Chance +8% Skill attack power +25
    Increase Critical Damage Chance + 8% Mastery Attack/Magic +92
    Increase AG auto recovery amount + 10 Mastery Excellent Damage Increase + 155
    Attack speed increase + 7 Mastery Critical Damage Increase + 155


    3) Earring set option

    The name of 'Season Mastery Wear Bonus' has been changed to 'Earring Set Option'.


    (1) Earrings of Deception (left), (right) options are activated when worn.

    (2) Mastery option increases the option value according to the level of reinforcement of the earring.

    Earring Set Options
    Ignore Enemy Defense + 5%
    All stats increase +8
    Mastery Damage +70


    B. Production of 5th Mastery Earrings (Earrings of Deception)

    1. Mastery Earring Basic Information

    Mastery Earrings
    1st Mastery EarringsEarrings of Fury
    Secondary Mastery EarringsAncestral Earrings
    3rd Mastery EarringsGlory Earrings
    4th Mastery EarringsEarrings of Blood
    5th Mastery Earringsenchanting earring


    2. 5th Mastery Earring Production

    1) Production Preferences

    (1) By upgrading the [4th Mastery Earrings - Earrings of Blood] of level 11-15 

          You can craft the [5th Mastery Earrings - Earrings of Deception].

    (2) (Left) Earrings are upgraded to (Left) Earrings, and (Right) Earrings are upgraded to (Right) Earrings.

    (3) As a combination material item, it can be upgraded by using the 'Deceptive Workshop' item and a jewel item.

    (4) When combining upgrades, earring options are re-granted as 1 to 3 options.

          However, if you upgrade to an earring item with 3 options, you will be given 2 or more options.

    enchanted forge
    Sales NPCPriest James
    Elbeland (32.239)
    roodshop selling price25,000 Rud


    2) Production of 5th Mastery Earrings

    (1) Making Earrings of Deception

    Combination typeupgrade materialroodshop materialjewelry materialprobability of successCombination result (on success)
    5th Mastery
    Earring Production
    Level 11 ~ 15
    4th Mastery Earring
    (Earring of Blood)
    enchanted forgeJewel of Blessing 20 Jewel of
    Soul 20 Jewel of
    Chaos 1 Jewel of
    Differential Probability
    (listed below)
    Level 0
    5th Mastery Earring
    (Earring of Deception)


    Success rate according to upgrade material item enhancement level
    level 11level 12level 13level 1415 level

    - If the combination fails, the lood shop materials and gem materials will be destroyed, and the upgrade material items will be changed to level 0.

    Posted 26 / 05 / 2022

    Currently this is only one server.