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    [SEASON 17 PART 2-2] Play Improvements

    A. Play Improvements

    1. 4th wing combination improvement

      1) Change the 4th wing combination result setting

        (1) If the 4th wing combination is successful, the  4th wing that matches the combined character class will be obtained as a result.

    4th wing of unspecified class4th wing of the combined character class


    2. Penalty Monster Improvements

      1) Added penalty monster display

        (1) A display to check the monster to which the penalty is being applied is added.

        (2) Monsters to which the penalty is applied are  displayed in red on the movement command information window and the game screen.


    [Move command information window]


    [Game screen]

    Posted 26 / 05 / 2022

    Currently this is only one server.