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    FASTMU is X5000 Server (High Experience) with the New Season17 Episode 2-2 Server with Elf Renewall and Shining Tail Mount
    Join us and come and have fun on the best server of 2022!
    Opening: 26/May (Check Countdown for Opening Time!)

    Basic information:
    Version: Season 17
    Experience: X5000
    Reset Settings: Level 400, 500 Points, 10 WC + 100 RUUD
    VIP Benefits: Reset Level 390, Access Arena VIP, Extra Benefits
    Grand Reset: 250 Resets (1500 Coin)

    Feature of Season17:
    - New Character Lemuria
    - New Character Kundun Mephis
    - Pentagram Mastery System
    - Ertell Mastery System
    - Harmony Update System
    Episode 2-2:
    - Elf Character Renewall (New Buffs / New Skills)
    - New Mount Shining Tail (White and Red)
    - Earring of Deception (5th Update of Earring System!)

    Extra Features:
    - Start with KIT in your Character
    - Vote Reward System Working!
    - Fast BOSS & Invasions Respawn
    - Receive Ruud Playing
    - Receive Coins Playing
    - Play2win GameStyle (We Dont Sell Items!)

    Posted 19 / 05 / 2022 By fastmu

    Currently this is only one server.