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    [Fixed] Ancient Items Evolve with Exc Options now keep options
    [Fixed] Now the game can be started directly by main.exe
    [Fixed] Gemstone Not Drop on Kanturu Under (New Map!)
    [Fixed] Some PvM & PvP issues reported during week
    [Fixed] Open FASTMU with another MuServer (IGC)
    [Fixed] PersonaShop buy by normal methods

    [Updated] Mysterious Stone Rate of Good Options on Items
    [Updated] Brilliant Set Options (Better now!)
    [Updated] Gemstone DROP on Kanturu Maps
    [Updated] Mysterious Box DROP on High Maps (Ruud + Myst Stone)
    [Updated] Bigger Rate to Jewel of Harmony on MOSS Gambler (Bless/Soul/Miracle)

    [Added] Castle Siege Event (Register opened!)
    [Added] BloodAngel Shield for ELF Ruud Shop
    [Added] Focus Shot for ELF Ruud Shop
    [Added] Sphere Rune Capsule on Ruud Shop
    [Added] Elemental Talisman of Luck on MOSS Gambler (Zen)
    [Added] Elemental Talisman of Chaos on MOSS Gambler (Zen)
    [Added] Jewel of Harmony on MOSS Gambler (Zen)


    Posted 15 / 06 / 2022 By fastmu

    Currently this is only one server.