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    Server Tips: Commands, Coin Farm, Ruud Farm, Reset Plus Power


    - Control + H 

    Farm Coin Information:

    - Reset (20 Coin)
    - Grand Reset (2.500 Coin)
    - Quest System (Link)
    - PvP Events (Link)
    - BOSS (Link)

    Farm Ruud:

    - Reset (1.000 Ruud)
    - Grand Reset (250.000 Ruud)
    - Ruud Shop Event: Monster Soul
    - Event Square Events: Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle
    - Invasions (Link)


    /infoquest -> Command to know what you have to do to farm WC on Quest System
    /offattack -> Use the Offlevel System (configuration of MuHelper will be used here)

    /clearinv -> Clear your Inventory
    /cleareventinv -> Clear Event Inventory last lines
    /clearmuuninv -> Clear Muun Page last Page
    /clearvault -> Clear your warehouse

    /quiz -> Answer Quiz Event
    /survivor -> Join Survivor Event
    /tag -> Join Tag Event

    /npc -> Open NPC in spot (VIP)
    /openware -> Open ware in spot (VIP)
    /ware 1-5 -> Change your ware to another one (VIP)
    /reset auto 32000 32000 32000 32000 -> Reset and Auto-Add Stats (VIP)

    Auction Commands (Rena): 

    - /stack (use this to register your Renas)
    - /check (use this to check how many Renas you have)
    - /bid (use this to offer in an Auction)

    - Offline Store:

    Set the value in "ZEN"
    Type the Command: /store coin ; /store gp ; /store ruud

    IMPORTANT: To offstore just open store and command to offstore (Example: /offstore)
    IMPORTANT: Do not open your store with the OPEN button.Without command will sell things to Zen!



    Posted 04 / 12 / 2022

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