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    Command LIST

    1. Points:

    /addstr -> Adds points to strength.
    /addagi -> Adds points to agility.
    /addene -> Adds points to energy
    /addvit -> Adds points to vitality
    /addcmd -> Adds points to command

    2. Extras:

    /pkclear -> Price: Zen (VIP - 500.000.000 Zen)
    /change -> Evolver your character Class
    /offattack -> Use the Offlevel System

    /re off -> Disable requests from other players
    /re on -> Enable requests from other players
    /re auto -> Auto Party (auto-accept request)

    /clearinv -> Clean your Inventory
    /clearextinv -> Clean your Extended Inventory
    /clearinvmuun -> Clean your Muun Inventory
    /cleaneventinv -> Clean your Event Inventory


    How to open Store / OffStore?

    Store Coin : /store coin
    Store GP : /store gp
    Store Ruud : /store ruud

    - To offstore just open store and command to offstore (Example: /offstore)
    - Do not open your store with the OPEN button.
    (Who open the store without command will sell things to Zen)

    Posted 20 / 10 / 2021

    Currently this is only one server.