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    FASTMU - Update 1.2

    Hello FASTMU Players,
    We Updated our Server with some Fixes/Updates
    You need update your game with Launcher for auto-update or download new client full from website to play!

    - [UPDATED] Ertell now can be evolved until Rank5
    - [UPDATED] Radiance Ertell Rate to get 'Punish'
    - [UPDATED] 'Punish' effect Limit from 650.000 to 6.500.000
    - [UPDATED] BOSS DROP 'BloodAngel' to 'HolyAngel'
    - [UPDATED] BOSS DROP 'Coins Reward'
    - [UPDATED] Debuff Effect (Bleed/Poison) Damage Upgraded

    Posted 15 / 06 / 2023 By fastmu

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