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    UPDATE + PROMO + EVENT: Regular Maintenance

    Hello guys,
    We worked last days on season update, we have many things now for you guys enjoy.
    Also, visual/lag bugs its fixed too.
    We will add a promotion and an event either.
    I hope you guys enjoy!

    Server UPDATES:
    *Open Launcher to auto-update

    [Fixed] Skill Shining Peak Fixed number of hits
    [Fixed] Skill Explosion issue where no damage when exploding
    [Fixed] Skill Spin Step Explosion problem that made the hit not deal damage
    [Fixed] Skill Explosion hit system, now they are separated to identify the double hit

    [Fixed] Disconnect when moving from server
    [Fixed] Problem that made pets could not pick zen
    [Fixed] Elemental Wings Damage of New Class not working properly
    [Fixed] Mastery exe give % in option instead of fixed value
    [Fixed] Crash when putting items in groups (PersonalShop)
    [Fixed] Windows Lock when checking 'Item List' (PersonalShop)

    [Config] Boosted Drop Rate of MiniGame Material
    [Config] Boosted Damage of Penta/Ertell Mastery
    [Config] Added LochsMagicSolution support for KM
    [Config] Added DROP of New Items in Highest Map
    [Config] Reward Time Event Prize not working properly
    [Config] RuudShop issue with Manticore Anvil vs Brilliant Soul
    [Config] Ferea BOSS now close door when people inside
    [Config] Nars BOSS create correctly Illusions now
    [Config] ​​Modified GremoryCase item withdrawal system

    [Added] AntiHacker Update
    [Added] Ram Reduction Optimized
    [Added] Excellent Options on 'Lucky SET'
    [Added] New mechanics in 'Balls and Cows' minigame
    [Added] Blessing of Light now give master experience
    [Added] MuRuumy Reward now gives the correctly amount of prizes

    UPDATE PROMOTION+EVENT: We wish you a Merry Christmas!

    We decide to give a 'prize' for donnors and free players.
    'Reset' Function will give an extra WCOIN for Free Player during this period.
    In place of 10 WCoins per Reset, you will receive 20 WCoins per Reset.
    More WCoins, More Fun! Merry Christmas!

    Who donate an specific value, will receive an specific extra credit.
    Its your time to donate and get BIG MOUNT OF CREDITS!

    - Donate 25$ and receive +2.125 Credit (10.000 Credits Total!)
    - Donate 50$ and receive +5.500 Credit (22.000 Credits Total!)
    - Donate 99$ and receive +15.500 Credit (50.000 Credits Total!)
    - Donate 199$ and receive +48.000 Credit (120.000 Credits Total!)
    - Donate 299$ and receive +82.125 Credit (200.000 Credits Total!)

    This promo is valid during this week: 17/DECEMBER until 27/DECEMBER
    When you donate, you receive credit automatically (packages updated)


    Posted 19 / 05 / 2022 By fastmu

    Currently this is only one server.